Zombieland TV series in the pipeline!

Zombieland TV series in the pipeline!

It has surfaced this week that hit film Zombieland, is in the process of being developed as an original series by Amazon.

The film, which was initially written to be a TV series, is set to be created as part of Amazon’s new instant video service

Casting sheets, acquired by io9.com seem to show the beckoning of the shows four main characters Tallahassee, Columbus, Wichita, and Little Rock, as well as two newcomers – Fred and Ainsley, office workers at the time of the apocalypse.

After the recent success of the Walking Dead, we feel as though this will bring a ray of sunshine to the TV screen in the form of light hearted zombie obliteration, the kind that we all love! 

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Tue 22 Jan 2013: 9:47am

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