Zombie Proof House

Zombie Proof House

A colleague sent me this fascinating and informative article earlier today, after a discussion about architecture.  Upon opening it, I realised there was a whole branch of the discipline I had overlooked: Zombie Proof Architecture.

Although not strictly required to gain planning permission and some debate as to whether flame-throwers are an acceptable part of the average home security system, it got me thinking that our Escape students are ideally qualified to offer their skills to this new area of house design.

This article in The Economist alerted me to the very real benefits of considering the un-dead when planning your next home, and I urge any interested escapees to get involved - it could flesh out your showreel!

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Nick Mathews
Wed 26 Sep 2012: 12:04pm

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  • Chris Wilson:

    Not sure the undead will rise to burgle us

    maybe you have been watching too much romero?

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