ZBrush giving you more..

ZBrush giving you more..

Pixologic are at it again! Another release of ZBrush (4R3) and not disappointingly they have added another bunch of cool new features!

What makes this taste even sweeter for ZBrush customers is that again the upgrade is completely FREE! Since day one Pixologic have never charged for an upgrade, which is pretty amazing. Of course it means it now has a huge following and user base. Quite smart really!

Check out some of the new cool features here. If you don’t have ZBrush yet, you can pop to our website to order it now.

If you have ZBrush already, go here to grab your update: Who said you can’t render 100% in ZBrush? Check out these images!

Happy ZBrushing!

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Mark Cass
Wed 14 Mar 2012: 12:57pm

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