• Yousuke

Yousuke Matsuno

NAME: Yousuke Matsuno

COMPANY: MPC London (Advertisement) as Senior Nuke Compositor

COURSE STUDIED: Compositing For Visual Effects (Part-time)

FAVOURITE VFX CLIP: The Third & The Seventh by Alex Roman

WHY VFX AND WHY ESCAPE STUDIOS: Simple, because it's such great fun to create magic. Especially Compositing, being that it is the final process of it all.

Back in Japan I had experience as a VFX artist, but I knew that compositing was where I wanted to end up, and that required a different set of skills altogether.

After deciding that London was where I wanted to make it happen, a friend told me about Escape Studios. I read the course description and knew they covered everything I needed to get started as a compositor. Specifically, they teach NUKE, which is a de-facto standard piece of software within the industry.

WHY THE EVENING COURSE: It was perfect, work in the day-time, study in the evenings; It was also such a great way to meet other like-minded people. Everyone was in a similar position to me, wanting to re-train but not being able to study during the day-time. It gave me a fantastic grounding in the industry too. My tutor was superb and actually introduced me to the guy’s at MPC which is where I’m working at the moment. You always feel like Escape has got your back and I wouldn’t be where I am without them.

PROJECTS: It’s impossible to pick just one favourite! I can pinpoint my top three though, first -  Assasins Creed, next, the hilarious (and viral) Dancing Pony for Three and last but not least - the rather epic ‘King of TV’ Ad for Samsung.

ADVICE: All I can say is just continue to learn and try to move forward with your passion, but more than anything else, enjoy yourself!