You think this is CG? Think again!

You think this is CG? Think again!

Seeing these stunning images and being surrounded by incredible CG artists here at Escape, I assumed that they were created in a Dynamic Simulation Software such as Houdini.

But after some further reading I found out that Fabian Oefner created these in his studio using paint, balloons and a camera, not to mention a sharp eye and steady hand.

Looking further into his work I saw yet more beautiful imagery I took to be 3D modelling - but it was in fact a combination of gypsum plaster and lot of patience that created this sequence.

For those of you without a ready supply of paint, plaster and high speed cameras, get in contact with us and we'll show you how to do it a bit slower and without having to clean paint off of the walls every time you re-shoot. 

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Nick Mathews
Wed 14 Aug 2013: 11:56am

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