“you couldn't pay me to get out of bed right now”

“you couldn't pay me to get out of bed right now”

Ever rose from your slumber, only to think “you couldn’t pay me to get out of bed right now”?

I’m pretty sure we all have, but how would you feel about losing money for not getting out of bed?

A savvy young inventor has created this prototype (based on a rather swankier looking, digitally created concept design, above) for an alarm clock that shreds your cash if you don’t get up within 10 seconds of your alarm going off.

While the alarm clock does a great job of shredding your cash, there’s always a fair chance that you’ll need to get up even if you miss the alarm, and thus start the day in the worst way possible – running late, tired and a little bit poorer than you were when you went to bed, and while the concept is great, I don’t think I’d even whack a fiver in this currency munching contraption, I just love snoozing too much.

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Robert Broadbent
Tue 18 Jun 2013: 10:34am

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