Yo Mo' Bro - Movember Results

Yo Mo' Bro - Movember Results

With Movember now over, I just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone for being so sporting and not taking themselves too seriously with their Mo'. We have raised £2,076 (currently) which leaves us ranked 468 Nationally, which we think is pretty good form.  I thought I’d share our leaderboard with you:


  1. Mark Cass: £262
  2. Graham Harris: £237
  3. Dominic Davenport: £208
  4. Mark Spevick: £189
  5. Graeme Pitt: £187

Well done to everyone for raising this cash no matter how little - every contribution helps. It's been such good fun and I hope we'll all do it again next year – can't wait to see some very naked looking faces tomorrow morning! If you’d like to make a contribution to an incredibly good cause, click here.

And to end this blog post, here is a selection of best Escape Mo's. Enjoy!


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