Xmas Gift Ideas for CG Geeks

Xmas Gift Ideas for CG Geeks

We all know that the geeks will one day inherit the earth, but what do they want for Christmas?... The 'Season of Goodwill' is here, so I thought I would kick it off in style by sharing with you a bunch of sites where you might find the ideal gift for your favourite CG Geek.

For the more 'traditional' animator: Inkling from Wacom
This one is a winner, I am sure of it. We featured it on our blog a few months ago, and it got many of you going. Here is where you can find more information about it.

A cheap and chearful stocking filler: T-shirts for CG Geeks
Let's face it, they are still the garment of choice for most of us in this industry. We know how fond you all are of the escapee T-Shirts, but if you fancy something a little more daring, have a look this site... Some of them are simply priceless!

More stocking fillers: Game of Thrones merchandise
I know that most CG geeks would have loved to get their hands on a blu ray box set of the first series of Game of Thrones, but since that's not out yet, the next best thing is to get one of the many pieces of merchandise available in this site.

For the fashion conscious geeks: the iPad 2
OK, I know, the iPad is a bit too trendy for the average CG Geek, but with the arrival of applications like 123D Sculpt from Autodesk, suddenly the iPad is a very appealing gadget to most CG artists. Here's where you can find out more about 123D Sculpt.

For paranoid geeks: real-time GPS tracker
The more paranoid geeks, or those who have become rather fedup of getting their prized bicycles stolen, then this GPS tracker will be a handy toy. Might become addictive though... Apparently, you can track a whole fleet of vehicles with this one.

For the 'inner child' in all geeks: remote control model airoplanes
Fact: all geeks are kids are at heart. Therefore they all lust after one of these.

For the Star Wars addict: Lego Millenium Falcon
I have got a geek at home, and I normally fail miserably to get him anything that engages his interest. Expect for a few years ago, when I got him one of these. Now, you might struggle to get the same though - they are now an extremely rare item and you'll need a small mortgage to buy it! Still, there are cheaper alternatives available which might still provide a modicum of entertainment (and quiet) during the Christmas break.

And saving the best for last ;-) ...

For the ambitious geek: Escape Studios online courses
They are incredible value, they cover very exciting geeky topics and are useful too! The perfect present if your geek is looking to climb the ladder with new skills.

I am sure you will have loads and loads to add to this, so why not let us know what would make a perfect present for you? I can't wait to see what's in your list :-)


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