Xbox Kinect Versus Playstation Move

Is everyone tired of the comparisons by now? Maybe it's just me...

So much talk about which is better, how much physical space you need to play Kinect vs continued calibration for Move - lag and response and on and on..

We are all different. My personal philosophy for buying a console has always been based on the game. If I like a game I would probably buy the console because of it, end of story.

If you have a PS3 are you really going to buy an Xbox Kinect this Christmas and not the Move? And will parents who have a Wii really give in when they have one of those 'controller things you wave at the screen'? Do they care that the Move is technically way more advanced? Are we comparing like for like?

But guess what, DK Country returns is out for the Wii and I grew up with DK and the boys from Rare - who later became my friends - so I am biased, but I know what I will be playing... (Ok, I know DKC is now developed by Retro Studios).

It will for sure be a long battle of the spreadsheets to see who 'comes out on top'. I applaud technical progress, it is brilliant. But honestly, unless you are a serious gamer, do we really care as long as the kids (and adults) are happy and as long as we play games we enjoy and bring the family together?

Answers on a postcard please ;)

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Mark Cass
Wed 8 Dec 2010: 2:08pm

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