Wreck-it Ralph, a delight for the eyes!

Wreck-it Ralph, a delight for the eyes!

While everyone is busy hating on Disney for adopting and extending the Star Wars saga, let’s take a moment to remember that Disney do indeed make some seriously visually impressive motion pictures. Their latest endeavour ‘Wreck it Ralph’, is no exception. CTO Andy Hendrickson spoke to Animation World Network about the film…

‘it’s one of the most complex films we’ve ever made here at Disney. Getting the bet images on screen requires the best technology… so we’re all about creating new technology to support the art in the best way. It’s that mixture of art and technology that you see on screen. It’s one of those things that has always set Disney animated films apart’

If there is one thing we understand here at Escape Studios, it’s the necessity of a harmonious relationship between technology and the creation of digital art. Disney had invested plenty of time building a new lighting and shading system from scratch, (BRDF – bidirectional reflectance distribution functions) to ensure a more vibrant, and simultaneously believable looking picture throughout the film.

Director of look and lighting Adolph Lusinsky said ‘It’s completely different from the way lighting has worked on any of our previous shows… it lets us get an image that’s very Disney’

After seeing just a few tantalising shots from this film, I’m scorning myself for not having been to the cinema to see it already. No doubt I’ll be warming up my eyes for a visit this week, and VFX fans, I hope you will too!  

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