WoW - the mists of Kung Fu Pandaria

WoW - the mists of Kung Fu Pandaria

MMO game (that’s massively multiplayer online game, for those who don’t know) World of Warcraft sometimes has a bad rep outside of, well, the world of World of Warcraft. However with the recent release of a trailer for this September’s add on, ‘Mists of Pandaria’ even loyal fans are starting to dish out criticism. Many of whom are insinuating that WoW has taken a turn for the worst, in an attempt to appeal to a mass market of gamers, turning their back on their real audience in the process. 

This cinematic trailer recently released, (which we think is pretty badass) shows a massive pirate looking bloke with a sharp stick (who I believe is fighting on behalf of the alliance) indulging in fisticuffs with terrifying, giant green Orc (who I believe is fighting on behalf of the Horde) in the jungle, the on-going spat is eventually settled by, wait for it…  a Panda. Did I mention that the Panda is a Monk? (character sound familiar?)

Pretty bizarre right? Anyway the ad is action packed and totally up our street here at Escape - VFX heavy, combat heavy – creativity at its very best!

Thing is - devoted fans of the game are comparing the digitally created staff wielding endangered species (part of the new race of 'Pandara') to ‘Master Po Ping’ from Dreamworks 2008 feature animation film ‘Kung Fu Panda’.

To be fair, minus the voice of Jack Black, the similarities are unavoidably evident.

Regardless of purist opinion on the change of direction for the game, I love this trailer, and because of it I’m contemplating jumping on the bandwagon and having a go at WoW myself!

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