Would You Pay For Your Own Training to Get Ahead?

Would You Pay For Your Own Training to Get Ahead?

Would you pay for your own training to get ahead of the competition and secure a better job? Well that’s one of the hot topics in our new Creative Futures Report which launches today.

The report gives the lowdown on what people in the creative industries (that’s those of you working in arts, design, film, media and publishing) really think about training and what it means for their careers. Not only did we speak with seasoned professionals, but we heard from graduates on their views about training. We’ve also got the insider view from our friends at Skillset and Double Negative, heard first hand from creative professionals who’ve changed careers and talked to Skillset about the importance of training.

So what did we find out? Our research shows that a whopping sixty nine per cent of creative professionals would pay for training out of their own pockets to get further ahead in their careers. And that wasn’t the only sacrifice they were willing to make. Fifty three per cent said they’d take a £5,000 pay cut if it lead to greater career opportunities. You can read more by downloading the full report here.

In other exciting news, we’ve also developed a brand new beginners tutorial for those who fancy a taster of what’s needed for the VFX or computer graphics industry. Go to our Facebook page for more details, or you can look into one of our popular mentored or evening courses.

It’s clear from our research that many creatives believe the lack of training in their current job is holding them back in their careers. What do you think? Are you getting enough training and what would you do to get more?

You can download our report here. And if you have any comments on the findings of the report, I would love for you to get in touch.

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