Witnessing the future of VFX with Lucasfilm.

Witnessing the future of VFX with Lucasfilm.

So you think that visual effects today are really advanced, right? Think that they can do everything? Well think again friends, because the best is yet to come!

This 'future of filmmaking' video is truly, beyond imagination. We are talking about a film being shot during the motion capture, while building the scene, switching the characters, lighting it and rendering it, all in real time!

So the question on your lips must be “Who made this awesome technology?”

LucasFilm of course.

The level of detail and the speed with which everything happens is mind-blowing. Can you imagine what they will be able to do in ten years time? We really are witnessing the future of visual effects technology here.

An amazing thought for anyone who wants to get into VFX!

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Fabrizio Arzani
Thu 26 Sep 2013: 10:22am

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