Wings3D Release Made me Feel a Little Nostalgic

The release of Wings3D release 1.4 - the open source modeller - made me take a trip down 3d memory lane.

Some of you might remember a piece of LISP based software called Symbolics or more accurately s-graphics and s-animation. One of the first systems for TV to produce 3D graphics. This was acquired sometime ago by Nichimen Graphics who turned this product into Mirai and Nendo. They were quite big in their day and a few big companies looked at it for games development. Bay Raitt the lead modeller on Gollum at Weta was head of their product development for a time.

All of this lead to a downfall for Nichimen and the end of life of the product. I don't believe that Wings3D shares any code base with those products, but it's amazing to see old products and code from over 20 years ago still popping up or still inspiring products today.

Another example would be Illusion - a compositor developed by Parallax software under the moniker Advance. It was acquired by Avid who called it Media Illusion. It eventually made its way into XSi in the Softimage days at Avid. So software from the early 90's still knocks around today masquerading as something else! I'm sure there's lots of other examples any that you know of?

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Lee Danskin
Tue 25 Jan 2011: 2:31pm

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  • Paulo C. Duarte:

    Yes, Wings 3d it's a great 3d modeling software, I used to modeling some time ago, but he doesn't support wacom table, so I leave the software. Now I use Softimage since version 5 and I am very happy with the tools for modeling, but is sad that Illusion is forgotten by Autodesk.

    Paulo C. Duarte

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