Will We See a New TimeSplitters?

Will We See a New TimeSplitters?

Crytek UK have recently announced that they are talking to publishers regarding the viability of producing another TimeSplitters

TimeSplitters first hit our screens on the PS2 back in 2000 and was produced by Crytek UK (formally Free Radical Design). This cult first person shooter was a classic of the time.

We have recently seen other reworks of cult games like that. GoldenEye is a perfect example: it which originally produced in 1997 for the N64, and has now been re released on the Wii; so maybe there is room in the game space for reworks of classic games on consoles... After all, we have seen plenty of them on the iPad.

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Tim Flett
Tue 9 Nov 2010: 11:56am

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  • Tim Flett:

    Your telling me, I loved this game... Harry Tipper was the best character, what a moustache

  • Jason:

    I hope they make a new one, was one of the best multi player games ever!

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