Will Google+ Ever be as Popular as Facebook?

Will Google+ Ever be as Popular as Facebook?

We don't know yet, but we’re keen to find out. Yes, Facebook has had a huge head start as a social networking tool compared to Google, but Google+ users tend to be fiercely loyal because honestly, it’s just great - albeit a very different product.

Facebook has a great many fans and is growing on a billion users. They also have a massive pot of funding with which to continue to innovate. Google+ on the other hand is great for content aggregation and collaboration in addition to the many services provided by other major social apps.

Conducting our own social media experiment, we're using them both equally. If you already enjoy interacting with us via Facebook, then it's now time to add our Google+ to one of your circles. And let's see what happens together!

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Emanuela Ferrante
Thu 31 May 2012: 12:46pm

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  • Emanuela Ferrante:

    That's true! I agree with you Ant!

  • ant:

    G+ is the next step to web integration, it also boosts your search ratings with public posts and +1's etc so gives you more web results for what you make public.

    It's opening doors and integrating the web rather than locking it down and removing your rights.

  • Brad:

    You mean shares Dennis? You can if you wanna shed out almost $500 for one. Better start getting some work mate.

  • Denis baudin:

    Does this would mean that it would be the right time for us to buy Google+ actions on the Market ?

  • Emanuela Ferrante:

    Yes, I agree with you Brad.

    I've also just found this quite interesting infographic about this:

  • Brad:

    A massive amount depends on the funding each site is able to generate from its users and whereas FB has a massive amount of users on a daily basis, Google is able to generate 6x the amount per user that FB is currently able too. Facebook still needs to up its game in that regard.

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