Will Emma still be the Belle of the Ball?

Will Emma still be the Belle of the Ball?

You may remember earlier this week I got a little excited about the prospect of Emma Watson playing Cinderella in Walt Disney Pictures’ live action adaptation of the fairy tale.

Sadly it would seem my hopes of a Watson, Grint and Radcliffe reunion have been dashed…

Variety reported on the 12th March that Watson has decided not to take Disney up on their offer, leaving the studio to continue their arduous search for the foot that will finally fit the glass slipper. They considered 3 other actresses before they approached Watson, including Alicia Vikander of 'Anna Karenina' fame, but busy schedules prevented them from locking down any deals.

There is a chance that Watson will still go to the ball as she is still in line for the lead role of Belle in Guillermo Del Toro's 'Beauty and the Beast' at Warner Bros. However, still in development and with no production start date it may be next year before we see that particular project come to fruition. Ah well, guess this Disney-loving Escapee will just have to practice patience for a little while longer…

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