Who Says Size Matters?

Who Says Size Matters?

The rumours are true - Apple is launching its iPad Mini alongside the iPhone 5 in early Autumn, providing all the same fun gadgetry of a regular iPad but in a neat and compact 7.85 inch tablet. The competition is rife with Amazon and Google spewing out rival devices, including the Kindle Fire and Nexus 7, in preparation for this year's Tablet rush. Apple hopes to squash this competition with the release of the iPad Mini, lending weight to the idea of a ‘budget iPad’ in order to compete with the lower priced android slates creeping into the market.

What about its specs appeal?

Sources in China have predicted an approximate RRP of around £160-190.


According to manufacturing reports, the Mini will have IGZO thin-film touch technology - with one less layer than the current structures, the Mini will be the thinnest of the all the iPad models at a teeny tiny 7.4mm. In comparison the Nexus 7 is a whopping 10.5mm which is even thicker than the third generation iPads.

Another whisper from the old rumour mill is that the Mini’s screen will not be retina quality but rather 1024 x 768 resolution. This will give you 163 ppi density, and might be the Mini's only let down as Nexus 7 owners can expect a 1280 x 800 HD display with 216 ppi. Of course this might not put it in the same category in terms of clarity and vibrancy, but it certainly surpasses it's resolution.

Storage will be 8GB / 16GB and there is a high chance for Apple to add a 32GB model as well - however there won’t be the usual expandable storage.

Operating System
Apples iOS 6 is already out there as a beta version. By the time the iGiant launch the Mini, it will be available as final release. There is no reason for Apple not to include iOS 6 in the iPad Mini.

Connectivity and Interfaces
Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Apple’s proprietary dock connector will be featured.

Leaked photos of the iPad Mini show that Apple has omitted a rear facing camera from the Mini’s shell. Apple has not confirmed the omission yet - and if they did, this would be an unusual move as each iPad model (with the exception of the first one) has had a rear facing camera.

Despite the fact that potentially the new iPad Mini might not possess a rear facing camera or an SD card slot (consider the Galaxy Tab 2.0 if you can't live without an SD card slot!) I think I can live without these minor details. Personally I'm a sucker for the iPad's design quality - that and the lure of millions of weird and wonderful apps. At half the price of the regular iPad, the Mini is definitely more affordable and is a clear indication of Apple's determination to be the leader in this year's Tablet race, both financially and fashionably. Will you be heading to the Apple store?

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