Who’s the hippest of them all?

Who’s the hippest of them all?

Escape Graduate setting the trends in Brooklyn.

One of my colleagues left an article from the Evening Standard on my desk last week, discussing the definition of a hipster and how the word is “bandied about like a grotty £5 note” these days.  

At first I thought it was his not-so-subtle way of trying to tell me something, but then he pointed out that one of the guys featured in the article was none other than our very own Escapee Reginald Emvula!

Journalist Lauren Sherman describes him as a “laid back” hipster and his photo certainly oozes the attitude of someone who is happy and content with themselves.

Living in Brooklyn, Reginald is currently putting his skills to work as a visual effects designer, skills he learned while studying our Online Mentored Compositing Course last year. The beauty of this course is that it's learned remotely, online, so it's ideal for students like Reginald who are unable to travel to the UK to study in our studios.

Judging by this recent article it would appear that he's not just making his mark on the world of VFX but also on the culture and fashion of the uber-cool Brooklyn scene, so from all of us here at Escape Studios, kudos Reginald!

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