Who Framed Roger Rabbit? Paul Chung that’s who!

Who Framed Roger Rabbit? Paul Chung that’s who!

Escape Studios had a special treat today as animator Paul Chung kindly agreed to come along and give a talk to our Academy Tour attendees, oh and half the current student population too…

It’s no surprise that our ‘Escapees-to-be’ opted out of the classroom and into the Academy Tour for a couple of hours this morning, with blockbusters such as Shrek, Madagascar and the more recent Wrath of the Titans under his belt, Chung is definitely a guy worth listening to!

After his talk, along with the usual free coffee/tea and yummy pastries, (always a winner) our attendees were given access to an Accelerated Classroom session to see our tutors and students in action and they also got to watch successful Escapee show reels to get a flavour of what we really mean when we say our courses make you ‘studio-ready’.

We hold our Academy Tours every fortnight and there are rumours of more guest speakers to come so if you’re kicking yourself at missing this amazing opportunity today then why not sign up for the next one here? In the meantime you can watch an interview Paul gave to our Content Editor, Ash, on our YouTube page. See? We think of everything…  

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