What Would Winning CG Whiz Do For You?

What Would Winning CG Whiz Do For You?

The whole point of CG Whiz is to give talented aspiring artists the kind of exposure necessary to kick-start their career, and there’s no better example of that than the first ever CG Whiz winner, Adam Droy. Following his 2009 success, Adam completed a twelve-week training course with Escape Studios, and now works as a 3D Artist at CG Whiz sponsors The Mill, at its UK studio in Soho, London.

What did you study at Uni, and did you find it useful when you came to study at Escape?
I studied Multimedia Technology and Design. It was a good course for me as it gave me the chance to try a real variety of disciplines. Once I knew that CG graphics was where my interest lay, my course gave me the freedom to practice those skills in my own time.  But studying at Escape was invaluable, both for polishing those skills, and for learning the quickest, most efficient ways of completing projects – that’s crucial because it means you’re useful from the first day you enter the studio.

And how did CG Whiz help?
Aside from the course at Escape, my work experience at The Mill was invaluable. It really is a money-can’t-buy prize - this is a hugely competitive industry and work experience is incredibly tough to get. I had the chance to work with and get feedback from some of the best minds in the business, and that gave me insights into the industry that most graduate job applicants simply wouldn’t have. It also led to my fulltime employment here.

What does your job involve day-to-day now?
I’m a CG Generalist, which means that I do a bit of everything, including lighting, shading and rendering. I like that variety, and the fast pace of the studio environment means that it’s really useful to be able to turn your hand to anything that might be required – the more you can do, the more useful you are.

What would you say are the most important qualities for someone wanting to enter the industry?
You need to have good artistic skills, but just as important is to develop your technical talents. It’s important not to forget the soft skills either – in a busy studio you might work in a team of six or eight, and good communication is essential to meeting tight deadlines and high standards. You also have to work very closely with directors and clients, to make sure you’re interpreting their vision correctly. Most importantly though, you have to love what you do – that’s the one thing that everyone at The Mill has in common.

Which of your recent projects are you most proud of?
Most recently I worked on Audi’s ‘Hummingbird’ –the TV ad for the latest A6 Avant model. That was really exciting to be a part of, and I’m really pleased with the result. Lynx’ ‘Angels’ is another campaign that’s really well-known, and one I’m really proud to have been involved with.

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