What would have Pompeii looked like in 80 AD? Part II

What would have Pompeii looked like in 80 AD? Part II

To answer comments posted by Zeropuff1234, we asked the CityEngine’s creator, Pascal Mueller, CEO of Procedural Inc to shed some more light on what CityEngine can do and how to get a more realistic look by populating cities with people.

"CityEngine is a very powerful modelling software to create urban environments or even whole 3D cities. The software includes a groundbreaking procedural modelling core which allows the design of intelligent 3D building geometries (for example the procedural models automatically adjust to any size constraints or manipulations, at arbitrary detailed levels) and which can be conveniently controlled by parameters.

In case you want to populate the created cities with crowds, you have to use a crowd animation tool such as Massive. With the CityEngine PRO version, the city layouts including collision maps, sound agents etc can be exported directly into Massive. Examples of city crowds can be found here, Populating Pompeii, and Agent Based Evaluation." explains Pascal.

Hope that Pascal’s explanation gives you more of an idea. There are also plenty of demos online, and City Engine offers private tutorials as well.

The CityEngine in Game Development (Unreal Example)

Large urban scenes with instanced buildings can now be loaded into the Unreal Game Engine using Epic's new Development Kit and CityEngine's Python export. To demonstrate it we have quickly put together a test scene - check it out and catch the flag!

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