What the Fax?!

What the Fax?!

As we all become more aware of 3D printing and the inevitable fact that in the not too distant future it’s going to be part of our everyday lives, take a minute to consider the notion of 3D faxing, as technology start-up AIO Robotics plans to create the world’s first all in one 3D Printer, Scanner, Copier & Fax Machine.

Using our old friend Kickstarter, the firm plans to crowdfund the project as of September the 4th.

To whet potential investors whistles, AIO robotics has released 2 digital renderings of the device, and it looks awesome! Along with a sleek silver box like design. We’re assured that it has a 7 inch colour touchscreen with an on board computer, that can work independently from a desktop computer.

For more info check out this video courtesy of Mashable!

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