What’s Your Favourite CG Film or Scene of all Time?

Our CG Whiz competition got us thinking about what our favourite CG films and scenes of all time are. One thing led to another, much "debating" took place around the office and then we thought it would be best to let our Twitter followers have the last say. After being inundated with many great suggestions from them, here are the top five.

Drum roll please…..

1) The Matrix
2) Lord of the Rings
3) Blade Runner
4) Star Wars
5) Terminator 2

As Morpheus says, "The Matrix is everywhere” and it certainly featured prominently on our Twitter feed last week as you voted in your numbers to secure it the top spot. So congratulations to the Wachowski Brothers for their brilliant visuals, they still look just as great ten years on!

Favourite scenes that cropped up time and time again were the holographic tactical readout of the Death Star in Star Wars, the first time the T1000 emerges from the fire in Terminator 2 and the Ball Room scene in Beauty and the Beast.

Big thanks to all those that took part especially:
@imortaldavid, @dj_buckley, @jrpmedia, @Dave_A_Davidson, @cristinas_den, @pixeladdict

What do you think of the results? Did we miss anyone out? Do drop us a line and let us know.

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Isabelle Duarte
Tue 26 Oct 2010: 12:27pm

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  • David Appiah:

    A worthy top 5. Definately worth watching ALL of them again!

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