What colour is a mirror?

What colour is a mirror?

Everyone loves a bit of free education, and the internet is full to the brim with juicy info ready for you to soak that brain sponge of yours in. As opposed to the monotony of modern day schooling, you’ll often find that thanks to video streaming channels such as YouTube and Vimeo, information is often presented in an exciting and enthusiastic way.

The work of these guys is no exception. YouTube channel VSauce cover all things science, and you camera lovers out there will dig this particular video, as it’s all about light! 

In five minutes they explain diffuse reflection and specular reflection, as well as explaining what colour a mirror is!

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mark spevick
Wed 24 Jul 2013: 10:42am

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  • Denis baudin:

    It's a Phong Material, with Color Black, Refection at maximum and specular if it helps. Enabling ray-tracing :D

  • Stefano:

    The part about Blanco = Black is not correct. The equivalent for that word in English is Blank (or empty), like a blank sheet (which is obviously white).

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