What are your tips and tricks?

What are your tips and tricks?

Hello loyal readers, A P Miles here with sad, sad news. It seems that I've bucked the trend and decided to catch the winter cold rather early, turning my normally deep and soothing voice into a growley, crackly mess, and increasing the pressure in my head to somewhere close to 500 fathoms deep.

Because of this I'm afraid I won't be dishing out my VFX tips and tricks this week. Not to fear though, I've got some useful gems lined up for the next few weeks, thanks in part to some brilliant suggestions yet again from our studio assistants.

VFX - is a fluid industry, with constant software updates and releases, and new and evolving techniques being developed every day, by artists just like you and me! And if you've developed one, we want to hear from you!

Send a description of something you've learnt that you think other artists would benefit from to me and I'll make a Tips and Tricks video about it and spread your message to the VFX populous via the wonder that is our YouTube channel!

Drop me a line at ashley.miles@escapestudios.com with your suggestions. I'm going for a lemsip and a nap in the sound booths.

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Ash Miles
Tue 24 Sep 2013: 11:12am

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