WFTV: Women in Technology Networking

WFTV: Women in Technology Networking

A big thank you to the ladies from WFTV (Women in Film and TV) for organising a networking event last night for women who work in technical roles across film and television. Three of us (Davi Stein, Anita Gribble and myself) from Escape went along to see what was going down! We had a great time meeting women from lots of different fields. Among them was a DOP, a few editors and to our delight two effects TD’s from MPC.

OK, I know what you’re thinking, there’s no reason why women working in this area should be such a big deal, but for any of you who know the industry, especially in the world of 3D effects, there tends to be a shortage of the XX-chromosomes in more technical positions.  This results from a range of reasons of course, but as women start to play a bigger role in the world of effects, we’re glad there’s an organisation out there taking note and celebrating it.

So as I said, it was really great meeting the two effects TD’s from MPC. Like most of you out there, they too had had a difficult summer in terms of work. One actually had to travel as far as Montreal for a job, after a bunch of projects had been put on hold mid-summer last year. This effected lots of artists in the UK, but as they both love London, they are now back working at MPC and loving it.

At one stage during the night the organisers, Kate Kinninmont and Rebecca Brand, asked us to jot down some ideas for future events, and the kind of thing we’d like to see more of. And so we did, delighted by the opportunity to suggest training seminars that help women progress in their careers, as well as inspiring women to consider this industry. We look forward to seeing what WFTV decide to do with these suggestions, and maybe we’ll see you at one of their next events soon!

So you don’t miss out on similar events coming up, visit their events calendar.

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