WETA Run Auction for Victims of the NZ Earthquake

WETA Run Auction for Victims of the NZ Earthquake

WETA are doing what they can for the victims of the Christchurch earthquake by hosting an auction on ebay of some famous collectibles. So, if you fancy getting your hands on some pretty cool and rare film memorabilia while doing your bit for charity, now is your chance. Check it out here.

Up for auction is a raygun signed by Greg Broadmore, and two Lord of the Rings models. One is signed by Peter Jackson, the other by Richard Taylor.

This is pretty poignant for me, as I was in Christchurch less than a week before the earthquake. It's hard to take in the scale of the destruction and the loss of life. Our Kiwi friends are a very resilient bunch and it's been pretty humbling to see how quickly and efficiently they are working to rebuild their lives. I cannot finish this post without mentioning the town of Lyttelton - it has had very little coverage on the news, and yet it was the epicentre of the earthquake. I send good wishes to all the good people of Lyttelton who made me feel so welcome.

Finally, if you can't quite afford to bid on the WETA gear, you can still play a part in helping by giving to the Red Cross.

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