Were You Fooled by CG?

Were You Fooled by CG?

Cadbury is getting a bit of a rep for ads that really catch the eye. First there was the gorilla playing along to Phil Collins; now its dancing clothes ad has left many of us wondering how it was made.

Cadbury revealed the secret behind the dancing clothes was not, in fact, CG. All props, costumes and furniture were custom-made to twice their normal size; dancers were then hidden inside these larger-than-life-outfits.

We’re now so used to seeing CG in everything from movies to TV adverts that Cadbury decided to go back to basics, and I love the low tech result.

I bet that most people assumed CG when they first saw the ad. We’ve closed the gap between CG and real to such an extent that some are worried we won’t be able to tell the difference for much longer. Sir David Attenborough is one of them. He recently said the BBC 1 documentary, Inside The Human Body, had left even him confused as to what was real and what was CG.

For me, tech has its place, and the decision to use CG or not is to do with what you're trying to create. For something like Avatar, you couldn’t have people dressed in blue with bits attached to them, and Transformers done for real would look awful. Technology can make our wildest dreams come true but it’s important to remember a low tech approach can be just as magical and entertaining.

What do you think? Did the latest Cadbury advert leave you craving for more low tech approaches?

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Lee Danskin
Mon 23 May 2011: 10:21am

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  • chris B:

    Very strange hearing that people weren't sure! I thought that was the whole idea!? I had to watch it over and over but that was a/ because I wanted to find a prop or part of the set that didn't work to scale (I couldn't find anything!) and b/ because I LOVED IT! It reminds me of that trend a while back for dressing people in ninja clothes or hiding them behind cloth while they moved stuff around. (see super mario performance)

    I love the analog/low tech approach. gives it a lighthearted, handmade feel with ingenuity and originality.

    My dissertation was all about this!

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