Welcome to the wonderful world of compositing!

Welcome to the wonderful world of compositing!

Looking to learn something new? If that’s the case, then we have two webinars coming soon that deserve your attention. Both webinars range from beginner friendly, to the more advanced, where NUKE operators can learn more about how to apply Python to their projects. Both webinars are at either end of the spectrum, concentrating on the art of compositing in all its different forms. So to get a better understanding of skilful compositing, make sure you tune in for either or both presentations.

The first of these scheduled webinars is on October 24th, where compositing tutor and Head of 2D at Escape Studios, Davi Stein, will be guiding us through the core processes behind compositing. Highlighting exactly what a compositor does, the range of roles available in the industry, and how Compositors are largely responsible for creating the CG magic we see on screen.

The second is a webinar with Victor Perez, who will share his top tips and tricks when using Python in NUKE. Voted the 2nd most valuable contributor to nukapedia.com, and one of the first officially certified trainers in NUKE, there’s no doubt that Victor has become a master in this field. Having studied our Compositing for Production course back in 2009, we’re very proud of everything Victor has achieved in his career so far. But of course, it was Victor’s own passion for compositing and NUKE that has got him to where he is today. To find out more about this, check out his success story here.

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