Welcome to the family...Phoenix FD for Maya!

Welcome to the family...Phoenix FD for Maya!

It has been well known that The Chaos Group would be releasing Phoenix FD, their grid based fluid dynamics simulation tool for 3ds Max, for Autodesk Maya.  

Well folks, that day has finally come. As of yesterday it is now possible for Maya users to simulate fire, smoke, explosions, liquids, foams and splashes with Phoenix FD for Maya.

This innovative Autodesk Maya plug-in lets artists simulate fire, smoke and haze with higher accuracy and speed than ever before. Phoenix FD’s simulation core is developed using a unique grid-based approach that delivers faster calculation times, more physically accurate and realistic simulations. Phoenix FD for Maya will also integrate seamlessly with The Chaso Group's premium rendering tool V-Ray for Maya.

Take a look at the general overview video above and for more information on Phoenix FD for Maya or any of our products head over to the Technology Store website.

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Tim Flett
Wed 7 Nov 2012: 5:40pm

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