Weird Wins!

Weird Wins!

With the US release of Paranorman last month (UK release 14th September), sporting giants Nike have released a one of a kind edition of their synonymous, ‘foamposite’ sports trainer. Only 800 of these Paranorman themed pumps were made and get this - they could only be won by weirdos.

That’s right, the Twitter based competition asked participants to follow @Paranorman, and tweet a picture of ‘you being weird as a child’ complete with #WEIRDWINS. As a tribute to the film's main character - Norman. 

These trainers are being resold by competition winners like hot cakes, with one pair on eBay flogged last week for $2,751. Outrageous!

Nike have also teamed up with Princess of peculiar Lady Gaga, to auction a number of the pairs in support of her ‘Born This Way’ foundation.

Amidst the hype of this Nike boosted Paranorman campaign, however, the film has featured on FXguide for its visuals this week, with this 3 minute clip of time lapse footage really giving the viewer an idea of just how intricate a process stop motion filming really is. The production team is said to have accumulated 20 hours of footage, equal to 1.7 million frames.

I can only hope they were given a pair of these much sought after, limited edition trainers, for all their hard work! Check out the clip here.

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