Webseries Spotlight; RWBY

Webseries Spotlight; RWBY

Hello everyone, Ash here. How've you been? I'm well, thanks. I've been making Youtube videos recently, have you been watching them? Please do, Seriously, I need this job.

Taking a break from filming my own ridiculous face, I felt I needed to spotlight the latest and greatest webseries to debut on the wild worldly web. After months of build up, RWBY hit the net last week to critical and fan acclaim, and more importantly, to my own personal delight.

Created by Monty Oum of Rooster Teeth (who made the incredible fight scenes in Red Vs Blue, which you all now watch religiously thanks to my earlier blog), RWBY is an American-anime series about 4 young girls brought together to fight shadowy creatures in a fantasy world. Entirely CGI, RWBY combines the look and feel of anime with the balls out action we've come to expect from Monty from RVB.

Released over the course of several months, four trailers slowly teased the world these charters inhabit, one for each of the leads; Ruby, Weiss, Blake and Yang. After so much anticipation the first episode came out last week - and it did not disappoint! Gorgeous art style, amazing action, story teases and in-jokes for RT fans, RWBY is amazing and is obviously only going to get better.

New episodes will be screened on RT's site every Thursday night, or a week behind on Youtube. You should be watching it now if you haven't already; it's a fantastic entry into the plethora of online content, and already a personal favorite of mine. Go! Now!

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