Webseries Spotlight; Blood and Chrome

Webseries Spotlight; Blood and Chrome

Happy New Year folks, hope you all got the things you wanted for Christmas. I certainly did; that pony was a long time coming. Let's kick off the new year with another one of my trademark spotlight blogs, focusing on Battlestar Galactica; Blood and Chrome. (Shout out to user DHW who posted about this after my last blog)

I'm sure you've all heard of Battlestar Galactica in one way or another. It was a re-imaging of an old sci-fi TV show that took the world by storm, being critically acclaimed left, right and centre.  BG was very much the Star Trek of its time; obsessively loved by its fans, somewhat unjustly discarded as too geeky by its critics, regardless of your opinion there's one thing you cannot deny; the effects were off the scale. 

The space scenes, dog fights and Cylon animation in BG took every show on the box to school. Since it's end in 2009, there has been the odd attempt to re-capture the magic, firstly in the form of a spin-off prequel series named Caprica, and now, B&C.

While in BG we followed an ageing William Adama as he commanded the Galatica, B&C focuses on his early exploits as a rookie pilot. Initially planned as a pilot (ahem) for a new TV show, B&C's future is undetermined, so in an attempt to create a buzz, Syfy have broken it down into several 8 minute episodes and released it gradually over a few weeks, with a few million hits per episode at the moment, it appears they have succeeded.

I've still got the last episode of Blood and Chrome to watch, so don't ruin it for me, but the production quality so far has been brilliant. Before the sets of Battlestar were taken down they were digitally scanned, and these scans have been built in 3D to create the sets of the show, and just like the TV show the quality of VFX is brilliant.

The trademark dogfights have returned, trying to create realistic space battles with almost no sound and little explosions, and the tightly moving and zooming camera angles all hark back to the TV show; however, thankfully, B&C doesn't get weighed down with excessive political and religious commentary that often ground the fast moving plots to a halt.

Fans of the original show will obviously want to keep up with the lore and attempt to relive the excitement of it's predecessor, however anyone new to BG can surely appreciate B&C as a solid and incredibly well produced web series with incredible visual effects. It's probably worth getting in on the ground floor with this one; Battlestar Galatica spawned 5 seasons from it's original mini series, and many expect Blood and Chrome to do the same. Also; I didn't receive your Christmas presents, but my birthday's coming up so just send me two gifts then. Okay? Thanks!

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