Webinar: Unlock the Secrets of Houdini...

Webinar: Unlock the Secrets of Houdini...

We now teach SideFX Houdini software on our Professional VFX Course, not just because it’s an integral part of the pipeline but also for its ability to create very cool animations that will enhance anyone's showreel.

Due to Houdini being a fairly advanced piece of software, it’s only taught at pro level, but despite initial difficulty trying to learn it, students who do master Houdini come to absolutely love the program.

Although Houdini has been lurking around the VFX pipeline for a long time, in recent years it's had a revival, partly due to the interface being made more user friendly. I recently wrote a Blog post outlining this in more detail.

Renowned for combining superior performance to deliver a powerful 3D animation package to CG professionals, I want to explain why Houdini is becoming a piece of software which is near impossible to live without, and why it's sometimes dubbed 'the industry's best kept secret'.

I’m always surprised by how many misconceptions there are about Houdini, however, a large proportion of these are completely unfounded, so I would like to dispel some of these myths during this webinar.

On the day, we will cover...

  • Houdini, the basics
  • Five things you should know about this software
  • Why we teach Houdini and how it all fits together
  • How does Houdini fit into your workflow?
  • What it can do when you know how to make it work for you?
  • Q & A

The webinar is completely free to attend, so if you’re an aspiring artist who wants to know more about Houdini you certainly don’t want to miss out.

Book your place now by clicking here.

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  • Ellen Payne:

    Hi Jay,

    Unfortunately we can only record a select few of the webinars we host, which is why it's so important that you sign up and join them on the day. They're usually a one off. We do have more webinars coming up however, which should be of interest, so make sure to check them out. It’s really important you register for these, to get access to the webinar on the day.

  • Jay:

    Was this webinar recorded and made available online?

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