Webinar Reminder: Behind the Scenes in Snow White & The Huntsman

Webinar Reminder: Behind the Scenes in Snow White & The Huntsman

When the award winning VFX team at The Mill approach a new project, they certainly don’t cut any corners. Setting out to create nothing but their absolute best, while pushing the boundaries of technology, these guys are serious about what they do. And you don’t win as many VFX awards as these guys without putting in the hard graft to make heads turn.

Without a doubt, Snow White & The Huntsman had some pretty awesome effects throughout, but the sequence that really grabbed our attention was the mirror man. A technically challenging effect to create, this character resembled a solid metal with the capacity to melt out from the wall like that of a fluid. To create this character effectively, the team put a lot of time aside for R&D that would terminate how to approach it, and started with extensive research into how a fluids formed or flowed. It was after this research that they realised fluids was not the way to go, and choose a cloth option instead. To find out more about this process, take a look at the 'behind the scenes' blog on The Mill’s website.

BAFTA winner and escapee, Amy Cuthbertson, was part of the team who worked on this shot. Responsible for the tracking process from pre-shoot to the completion of the production, Amy will discuss her experience working on this sequence, while also sharing some exclusive stills and breakdowns from the movie itself. Don’t miss out on this brilliant opportunity to see what it takes to create VFX of this quality. Register here.

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