Webinar Recording: More to VFX than just Hollywood!

Webinar Recording: More to VFX than just Hollywood!

Last week we were joined by Junior Lighting TD and Escape graduate Alastair Cross for a webinar that shows another side to VFX. The Hollywood side of VFX is probably why most of us want to work in the CG industry, but CG artists are putting their skills and knowledge to good use in lots of different areas. If you missed this webinar, the great news is we recorded it and the recording is now available to watch on our YouTube channel.

To discover the potential of a career in VFX and the scope of opportunities available to a skilled CG artist, take a look at Alastair’s webinar where he shares the story of his career since graduating Escape. Learn how he went from the classroom to being an onset VFX Supervisor for a BP project in a matter of months and how working with boutique VFX facility, Polar Media, led him to an exciting collaboration with MPC.

And if you’re feeling inspired by this webinar and would like to speak to someone in our training team, why not drop them a line. We would love to hear from you to discuss how you could kick start your career in VFX.

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