Webinar Exclusive: Snow White & The Huntsman with Amy Cuthbertson

Webinar Exclusive: Snow White & The Huntsman with Amy Cuthbertson

Our visual effects and compositing students have gone on to work on some pretty awesome projects over the years. These include the many studio blockbusters that light up cinema screens around the world. Seeing escapee names in the rolling credits at the end of such films never fails to give us that warm fuzzy feeling of pride – proud to see they have achieved the goal they had when we first met them on our courses. And this was very much the case when some of the Escape team went to an exclusive screening of Snow White and The Huntsman at Framestore a few months ago.

So imagine our delight when BAFTA winning escapee Amy Cuthbertson agreed to do a webinar with us on the work she did for this film, celebrated for its stunning VFX. Yes, on September 12th, Amy (who is currently Head of Tracking at The Mill) will be joining us to discuss the skills she applied to achieve the ‘gilded mirror’ sequence, accompanied by some exclusive stills and breakdowns from the movie.

If you’re keen to gain an insight into the VFX wizardry that went into achieving these shots, don't miss this one-off webinar. Get more information and sign up here.

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