We Have an Inkling that Wacom Has a Great New Product

On Tuesday the 30th of August Twitter streams of digital artists across the globe were buzzing with news of Wacom's new baby - the #Inkling. Everyone who currently draws digitally using the Wacom tablet, will be familiar with its advantages over the mouse, however, if the Inkling lives up to its anticipated hype, it will make creating digital drawings easier, more immediate and vitally speed up your workflow.

The new system combines both digital sketch pen, which makes traditional marks on any paper or sketchbook, combined with a clip-on receiver, which digitally records each pen stroke, and brilliantly at the touch of a button will make you separate layers. The drawings can then be rasterized or vectorised, uploaded to your computer and imported to either Photoshop or Illustrator respectively. 

Hopefully, this little beauty will erase the time consuming and laborious task of scanning and redrawing your images into vectors, or the less than perfect function of Auto-trace in Illustrator. One lucky artist over at Gizmodo has been testing the Inkling and is raving about it, primarily due to its pressure sensitivity which has an amazing 1024 levels!

The Inkling will cost around £125 +VAT and comes with a pen, receiver, rechargeable batteries, four spare pen ink cartridges, charging case and the Inkling Sketch Manager Application, which is neatly stored in the Inkling receiver. It will be available from October 2011.

If you get one (like we plan to) be sure to tell us your thoughts....

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Toby Young
Thu 1 Sep 2011: 11:00am

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  • Tim long:

    When is it available I can't find a place to buy it has it been released?

  • Isabelle Duarte:

    Let us know how you get on with it.

  • Alex:

    This is sweet, and I'm going to buy it. Thanks for posting.

  • Dane Parsons:

    very cool!, very nice!

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