Watering that Creative Seed

Watering that Creative Seed

The VFX industry has emerged to become the most fervent, vibrant and limitless creative platforms of the 21st century, and has created a world where, equipped with the right skills and determination, the phrase ‘the sky is the limit’ is rarely an understatement.  

With the technological advances of the last ten years, we have seen some of the globe’s most creative minds come through our doors here at Escape, many of whom have gone on to apply their skills to some of the most visually impressive and creatively intuitive, motion pictures and commercials the world has seen to date. 

On such a note, I recently discovered this blog by Rick Ackerly. A Harvard graduated educator who has 45 years of experience under his belt, and is at the forefront of numerous educational projects, campaigning worldwide for the encouragement of creativity in these early formative years of schooling. This essay (from his weekly blog) embodies such an idea, that education should engender thinking, questioning and encourage enquiry. Hypothetically suggesting, ‘What if all teachers were held accountable to get kids to think creatively?’

While we understand that this research is carried out across the pond, there are many fundamental points that we can relate to on an international level. Ackerly highlights the minimal time given to art and creative activities on a weekly basis in western schools. As major players in a creative industry, his work is something we ardently agree with. 

The progression of such an industry very much depends on how frequently creative seeds are watered at a young age. More of Ackerly’s influence would surely increase the stream of talent entering the VFX industry in the years to come, and help propel this art form to even dizzier heights!

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