Watching sport is set to get a hell of a lot better - brace yourselves for bullet time!

Watching sport is set to get a hell of a lot better - brace yourselves for bullet time!

Being a sports fan, I have been consistently impressed with improvements in viewer experience over the last few years. Technology has improved the situation of the armchair fan tenfold, making the long trip to their ground of choice at the weekend, increasingly less appealing.

Remember the Matrix? (of course you do) Well thanks to some technological wizardry, we’ll be able to enjoy bullet time in our favourite sports in the very near future.

These recent advances in camera technology are only going to make the domestic sports fan sink further into the sofa, and you know what? Fair play, because when this technology is used by main broadcasters, watching the game from your front room is going to be freaking awesome.

Using a multi-viewpoint robotic camera system, which will link the motion of eight sub-cameras to that of an individual camera - final footage will show slow motion replays and enable the viewer to seemingly stop time and hover around the action.   

Commenting on the project in progress, NHK (the developers) have commented…

"Using this system, you can create the effect of stopping time, and moving the viewpoint all around the subject… Previous methods used a fixed camera, so they could only capture subjects moving in a narrow or limited space. But this multi-viewpoint robot camera system can film dynamically moving sports, or subjects at lots of locations in an extensive space."

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Robert Broadbent
Thu 6 Jun 2013: 10:49am

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  • Nestor:

    In 2001 during the superbowl the started using a system called EyeVision that was exactly this. It had more cameras that could pinpoint the action and move with the players.
    12 years later I'm still waiting to see this happening more often. Let's hope this makes it easy.

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