Watch This Space

Watch This Space

The Halla Stulecia in Wrocław, Poland is an almost 100 year old dome designed by legendary architect Max Berg and was built to commemorate the 1813 war of liberation against Napoleon. Almost a century on, members of the visual arts label AntiVJ have transformed the 65 foot concrete dome into what they call O (Omicron). O is a cinematic installation that paints the hall's intricate contours with the stark, pulsing lights of a futuristic starship.

To achieve this stark and almost alien effect they had to use hyper- accurate 360 degree projection technology derived from a mix of 3D modelling software and blueprints. The inspiration that AntiVJ used to create this masterpiece was a mix of past futuristic films with the aim "to confront the different visions of the future at different times, [as] we were interested in trying to create a vision of a future with no precise time reference."

What they manage to create is something that you need to watch. Along with the actual installation video there is a making-of. It describes the various techniques they used to create the "timelessness" of Bergs architecture in contrast to the solid concrete used to create the Halla Stulecia which echoes that of the early 20th century futurist movement.

You really should watch it!

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