Warrior Women

Warrior Women

We live in a time of minimalistic female role models. Gone are the days where young females looked up to icons like Florence Nightingale, Rosa Parks and The Pankhurst Sisters. If you look at our culture today we are inundated with reality TV role models. In no way do I have any issues with reality TV, everyone needs a little light relief in their lives and if watching the current episode of Made in Chelsea or TOWIE does it for you, then who am I to judge?

However, I am staggered by the recent GirlGuiding UK survey posted by the BBC that claimed 55% of young girls have a lack of strong and inspirational female role models to look up to. With all of this in mind and with some inspiration from the ever great Ridley Scott we have found some very influential big screen heroines.

With Prometheus on the brink of release Ridley Scott, in a recent interview, spoke about the strong female characters in a number of his films, namely Noomi Rapace and Sigourney Weaver. Scott is renowned for creating female characters that are especially strong lead roles.

Now please bear in mind that some of the leading ladies I'm going to mention are involved in violence and obviously that's nothing any of us should want to aspire to. But what we are looking at here is a group of women who have a culmination of personal attributes that are worth looking up to.

Cases in point:

Sigourney Weaver as Ellen Ripley in the Alien Franchise – Ellen Ripley in the Alien Franchise provides a perfect example of a strong-willed, independent and maternal character. Weaver represents the benchmark of Scott’s female protagonists. She is the kick-ass, Martian massacring mum that we all secretly dream of having.   

Jodie Foster as Clarice Starling in Silence of The Lambs – Foster’s character Clarice Starling was voted the top female film heroine in AFI’s 100 years of Heroes and Villains and to be honest we aren’t surprised. She is a headstrong woman in a predominantly male career, dealing with dangerous male criminals without really batting an eyelid. A pretty bad-ass lady!

Uma Thurman as Beatrix Kidd in Kill Bill 1 & 2 – Murderous? Yes. Hell bent on revenge, unstoppable and ridiculously talented with a katana? Absolutely! But at the same time Beatrix Kiddo is focused, loyal, determined and protective. Qualities you wish you had? Totally!

Miranda Otto as Éowyn of Rohan in Lord of the Rings: Return Of The King – Imagine being a woman living in Lord of the Rings? Male dominant world on the verge of being overtaken by a Dark Lord and don’t forget that the downfall of Middle Earth is blamed on "Man" for a change! Now most of the women are light, feminine and have this beautiful white halo/aura around them. When there is a war the women and children are shoved inside the castle for protection. Then along comes Éowyn. First of all she seems like a bit of a man-stealer (we can’t forgive her for going after Aragorn) but in the end when she fearlessly drives her sword right into the face of The Witch-King Of Angmar we can’t help but want to throw her a parade in celebration!

Think you can do better? Let us know which fictional fiery heroine you would be.

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  • Flora Ho:

    You have missed one...my personal favourite: Linda Hamilton as Sarah O'Connor - Terminator.
    First scene - Linda doing pull ups. Enough said.

    Her trademark look: Circle sunnies, black tank top, ripped biceps and machine gun in hand.
    This lady takes no prisoners, says few words and will do anything to protect her child.
    Kick. Ass.

    Shame that they don't make 'em like they used to.

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