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The summer is upon us, and school leavers across the land are wondering what next year will bring. Will I go to University? Will I go to College? Should I pursue my dreams or compromise because I have little chance to succeed?

I remember that time very well, and can still feel the slight headiness at making that life changing decision.

Pursuing a dream doesn't necessarily mean taking risks but young people are too often discouraged because they just simply don't know what help is available to them. Adam Dewhirst, an Escapee who graduated with us only a few years ago, is a case in point. Adam knew he wanted to work in films but didn't know how to go about it. So, he started looking into Computer Graphics course and Escape kept popping up everywhere. Adam came to one of our Open Days, and we helped him figure out what he needed to do to get his dream job. The rest is history...He is now a very successful 3D artist and has worked on films such as The Golden Compass and The Dark Knight.

A recent article in The Independent - Visualise your future - retells Adam's story and provides sound advice about the industry.

Thanks Adam! Your testimonial in The Independent will no doubt inspire many future artists.

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