Visual Effects Benefit from New Rules at the Oscars

No doubt you’ll all be looking forward to the Oscars this weekend. It's particularly significant if you’re a VFX fan, with five nominees in the Visual Effects category this year rather than three.

We’re obviously delighted with this move as it not only means that more VFX artists will see their work gain a nomination, but it also increases the chances of winning an Oscar.

Congratulations to Double Negative who have three films shortlisted for this year’s Visual Effects Oscar: Inception, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, and Iron Man 2. It’s great to see that Inception is also nominated for Best Picture and Best Direction too – proof that VFX-intensive films are gaining credibility as first-class movies in their own right.

It’s also worth noting that in the Animated Feature Film category, films now only need to be over 40 minutes long to qualify for entry (rather than 70 minutes). Great news for any ambitious animators out there!

Who do you think will win the VFX Oscar this year? Don’t forget to tune in on Sunday to find out the results.

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