Virtualisation and PC-over-IP technology

Virtualisation and PC-over-IP technology

I’m seeing a lot more studios looking at virtualisation and using new PC-over-IP technology to change their workflows - something that hasn’t always been possible within a CG environment.

In the past, studios were often let down by technology that wasn’t advanced enough to support virtualisation, but new developments are starting to catch up and we are now seeing high-end 3D graphics and HD transmitted in real-time. This is a big step forward and gives artists the same experience from a PC-over-IP connection that they would get sitting at their PC, which can really change the way studios work on projects.

One technology that has recently been adopted by a major post-production house is Teradici’s PC-over-IP which has added some pretty good benefits to its workflows. CTOs like the idea of centralising their hardware and storage, which lessens the resources and manpower they need to support remote locations. It also allows them to make smart use of their hero machines which can stay in one place and be used on projects as needed, anywhere, anytime and in any timezone. A novel idea that may not be too far off, is sharing halo machines across different timezones, so when the team in London calls it a day, the team in India can fire-up and start using the same machines.

If you want to find out more about this technology, check out Teradici’s white paper, which  can be downloaded from our Free Stuff page. It explains PC-over-IP in more detail and shows how it can be implemented in post-production studios. You can access it here. For more info, get in touch.


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