VIEW Conference: The Creative Power of Technology

VIEW Conference: The Creative Power of Technology

October is certainly bursting with exciting events for the digital geeks among us. One to mention is our very own VFX Festival, the other is the VIEW Conference, a premiere international event in Italy for computer graphics, interactive techniques, digital cinema, 2D/3D animation, gaming and VFX. Running from 16th to 19th October in Torino, this 4-day event is overflowing with lectures, meetings, tributes, exhibits, screenings, workshops and demo presentations. And better still, our very own Daniel Shutt is among the exciting line-up for this year’s launching event.

On Friday 19th, Dan will lead a workshop, demonstrating how to create a photo realistic shot from a photographic still. Providing participants with a photo from his own collection, Dan will illustrate the camera mapping steps required to convert it into their own animated shot. Those who take part in this workshop can look forward to learning how to create animated shots of everything from their own home to world famous landmarks in a fun and interactive way. And as Dan has been a tutor with Escape for some time now, we can vouch there’s no better man for the job.

The aim for this conference is to explore the increasingly fluid boundary between real and digital worlds, revealing a new digital frontier spanning from cinema to architecture, automotive design to advertisement, and medicine to videogames. The range of topics being covered throughout this event is impressive to say the least. For those of you attending this conference, you’re in for a real treat.

Some of the core topics discussed during this conference include:

  • Games
  • 2D/3D Cinema & VFX
  • Augmented Reality
  • Digital Media
  • Interactive Techniques
  • Medical Imaging
  • Automotive & Architecture Design
  • Industry Discussion: Creating Content for Children & Young People
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