VFX wins at the BAFTAs

I don’t think anyone was too surprised by last night’s BAFTAs. Personally, I was really pleased to see Inception win the Special Visual Effects award. With the hardware becoming more powerful, the software more sophisticated and the work ever more creative, as an industry the bar is set incredibly high, and it’s always great to see how people are constantly pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. It’s even more impressive when you consider who else was nominated.

What was also great to see was the crossover between Special Visual Effects nominees and Best Film, with Inception nominated in that category as well. With 127 Hours in Outstanding British Film and Monsters in Outstanding British Debut, we’re increasingly seeing films that rely on VFX to bring them to the screen scoring highly when it comes to story and direction as well. A few years ago CG was the preserve of the summer blockbusters, whilst serious award winners were all about the ‘real’. Now we’re seeing so-called serious films using this technology too, and I for one am thrilled (and not just because it means more work for the industry, and more demand for artists with the right skills…).

Our congratulations to our friends at Double Negative, who worked on Inception's VFX. Hope the heads weren't too sore afterwards, guys!

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Tue 15 Feb 2011: 2:33pm

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