VFX vs Motion Graphics

VFX vs Motion Graphics

In my early career exploring VFX Vs Motion Graphics; I was very tempted to try my hand at film title sequences. I loved the design aspect, the story telling requirement and strong visuals used to captivate the audience right from the start.

But in the end, my decision to go down the compositing route came down to two basic reasons, a) Because at the time jobs on film titles were far and few between, and b) There were far more innovative techniques being explored in full film visual effects.

I still have that appreciation for the artistry though and how far and creative these people have become, especially in the last few years. I’m always sure to keep my eye out for some cool ones on the big screen! This article in particular caught my eye recently.

What is your favourite film title sequence of all time?

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Fri 3 May 2013: 10:04am

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