VFX Union

VFX Union

A subject that started off as an online murmur, has gathered a considerable amount of momentum over the last few weeks, as many VFX artists and industry professionals have begun to campaign, (or at least talk about campaigning) for the unionisation of VFX artists.

It seems the matter has sparked a lot of interest globally this month, with bloggers such as VFX Soldier discussing the subject veraciously, and another blogging site, Occupy VFX (previously blessing us with such posts as ‘Unions – the people that brought you the weekend’) receiving a lot of recognition on the social networking site, Twitter.

Although these online campaigns have been running over the last year or so, many artists have been thinking twice about speaking out, fearing they’ll become unfavourable to employers. Some tweets of late have shown an increased awareness of this situation, and thanks to a few articles that have dared to raise their head above the parapet, many VFX artists are discovering the welcoming nature of the IATSE (International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees). But it seems if a migration, if you will, were to go ahead, a sense of unity will be required to prevent union members who do make the step, becoming ostracised.

Some tweets and useful articles on the matter can be read below, there’s lots of material on the subject!

One thing’s for sure; we’re on the brink of some interesting times for the VFX industry.

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